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February 26 2015


I finally watched Louder Than A Bomb and

1) It was so good

2) jc these kids can spit

3) I want to slam poetry

4) those kids are so good with words it makes me want to cry

5) If daze weren’t here I would be reciting my own poetry right now to an empty room, over and over again, for like an hour

6) I’m kind of tempted to do it even though she’s here but my poems are kind of personal and I’m really self conscious about Performing vs reading and I think I’d be too afraid with the whole, she can hear me thing

February 24 2015


Somehow daze’s cleavage is a lot weirder to see online than in meatspace


Don’t get me wrong, I like Sora, but I can never forgive him for Chain of Memories. 

Namine will forever have to live with the fact that this boy chose a life he couldn’t remember over her. 

February 22 2015


I feel like I’m annoying daze much more frequently and effectively than she’s annoying me

and on the one hand that’s bad
I don’t want to annoy my roommate or have her grow to dislike me

but on the other hand, I am winning


The movie was 2hr 35min long

there was approximately 5 minutes of robot dinosaurs

which breathed fire, and were cool as shit

but not worth it


I’m starting to think there’s no dinosaurs in this whole movie and I’m pissed

that’s literally the only reason I wanted to watch this movie

my only memories of childhood transformers cartoons was the cg one with? I can’t remember if it was dinos and animals or just dinos. I think both because I seem to recall being really into a cheetah. 

but yes this is bullshit I was led to believe there would be more dinosaurs and there are no dinosaurs.


woooooooow a twenty year old dating a seventeen year old

and it’s “okay” because they dated when he was seventeen and she was fourteen

and it’s all being woven into the overprotective dad thing 

so that you have to side with the dad who is claiming ownership over his daughter, or the creep dating a girl three years younger than him (portrayed by a woman much older so as to sweep under the rug how creepy this is)

I’m an hour in and there isn’t even any dinosaurs yet this movie is shit


I’m finally watching #Transformers Age of Extinction and as soon as I realized Mark Wahlberg was playing a roboticist, I can’t help but re-imaging this whole thing as the Striders, because I’m trash


I finally did it

I finally annoyed my roommate so much that she let on how much I was annoying her


Every time I think I have a handle on depression things, I am reminded that I’ve actually just drastically reduced the stressors/triggers in my life, and every time one crops up I am right back in the muck


My roommate keeps making food for me and doing all the little domestic things around the apartment and I feel like I’m taking advantage of her

she keeps saying it’s fine and bringing up that she has way more free time than me but that makes me so uncomfortable

I hated when people would apply that to me, say I had the most free time and needed to take on more household responsibilities because of it

like, how to get across, no no, even if I had more free time than you I’d still be doing exactly as much around the house as I do now and I’m sort of terrified you’re not going to be okay with that when you no longer have so much free time

I know she’s had people that asked her for all these little things before (like, “please turn out the light, bring me my drink, bring me that book, take my dishes to the sink) and even the cooking dinner every night might be an extension of that

and she says it’s fine but I fear I’m like. basically taking advantage of the Dutiful & Responsible For Others groundwork laid down before me

but there’s no questioning that I benefit from all this
and I don’t really want to stop benefiting
because it’s so nice not to fight all these little battles every day because she just, takes care of them for me

February 16 2015

I'd forgotten Inkstand was a thing

it's honestly the most appealing option right now
(that or twitter)

the alpha supposedly started at the end of 2014, but there's not projected date for a beta

This is definitely the furthest I've ever gotten into making a profile on a tumblr alternative...that it was in response to rvb fandom and not a fandom I would consider closer to my heart is probably indicative of how close rvb fandom actually is to me heart

(not rvb, just rvb fandom, and yes this is how I'm going to metatext now, because i don't want to give it up, but also don't want to get in the habit of clogging my tags)
Tags: twitchtalks
I am also unsure of how to search tags? I guess I should tag something, click the tag, and see where it takes me.

(edit: apparently tags are more like twitter tags than tumblr tags
that might cut down on meta commentary)
Tags: twitchtalks
I can't figure out how to edit posts...

and I told it to import posts from tumblr but I'm wondering if I 1) did it wrong or 2) I don't understand what it means by "import"

man learning a new platform is going to be a pain

(edit: I figured out how to edit posts)

Hey, I’d really like to start following more people on twitter, so would any of you care to give me your twitters?

February 15 2015


test my dashboard osmosis abilities


send me an ask about a fandom i know nothing about and i will summarize it as best i can

I would love this



My friend has a friend over and I am not dealing with it well

Friend is nice! and can also probably see this

but wow I did not realize how thoroughly I have come to rely on my roommate’s constant available attention

I keep wanting to draw her attention back to me but that is kind of rude and I can’t tell if I’m getting annoying


I’m so cute right now

I’m so cute


roommate told me my foundation is really good and I was so happy wow


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